Creating a new WRDB page

When you are looking at a page that doesn't exist, you have the possibility to create it through the page creation process.

When you use the search tool, you will be able to create the concerned page. However, some pages have categories :

  • maps (:maps)
  • modes (:modes)
  • weapons (:weapons)
  • skins (:skins)
  • body parts (:bparts)
  • updates (:updates)
  • achievements and rewards lists (:achievements)
  • players (:players)
  • clans (:clans)
  • Community Websites (:communitywebsites)

These categories are very important as they aim to keep the same pages types in a single URL type (maps with maps, modes with modes). Also, these pages can have pre-builded templates you will be able to use.

Once you found the missing page you want to add, click on the red, dotted link you will find in the error message that appears :

You will then be lead to a new page, that will allow you to create the page you want to make :

Regarding the tools you have :

On upper side, from left to right :

  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Underlined text
  • Monospaced text
  • Strike-through text
  • Header (biggest by default)
  • Lower header (lower than the previous one)
  • Higher header (higher than the previous one)
  • Header size selection
  • Internal link
  • External link
  • Ordered list
  • Unordered list
  • Horizontal rule
  • Image insert
  • Smileys
  • Special characters
  • Signature insert
  • Table insert
  • Bloc/Wrap insert
  • Bootstrap insert

On lower side, from left to right :

  • Save button
  • Preview button (the preview will be putted below your edition tool)
  • Cancel button
  • Edit summary field (what have you changed in the page? If this is a creation, the field will be automaticaly filled with “created”.
  • Minor change button (check it if the changes are not big. Orthograph or syntax change for example)
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