Translating an existing WRDB page

As WarRock Database in available in many languages, you may find pages in certain language but not in other. If you are easy with these languages, you can translate them.

When you are on a page that you want in an other language, you can check at the language menu (at the top right corner, on the flag icon). The translated pages will be in black/white while the pages who don't have translation have their language in Grey :

In order to create the page, you can click on the language you want. Then, an error message will appear, saying that the page doesn't exist. In order to create a new translation, you can click on the “Create this page” button, which is at the right side of the page (the pen icon with a + next to it) :

The whole content from original page will be pasted to your edition tool, you will then just have to translate it to your language. You will also need to change language pages links to the one in your language :


Will become :


The “lang” should be changed with the following language codes, depending on the language you translate to :

de for German
tr for Turkish
fr for French
es for Spanish
it for Italian
pl for Polish
nl for Dutch

However, be careful! Some parts of the website don't have to be changed, otherwise it might lead to an error!

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